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Close up!

This friendly little bird came over (in June) and decided to hang out on our patio railing, giving me a great opportunity to snap a few pictures up close. It must've stayed in this spot for over 10 minutes, finally making its way over to the neighbours railing, when I approached a little too close to its liking.

Natural beauty of Oakville

The one great thing about living in Oakville, is the abundant access to natural habitats in and around the city, which are accessible on foot and on a bicycle. This forest near the Sixteen Mile Creek, is my go to place for a bicycle ride. It's a peaceful place filled with tall trees, down into the valley beside the creek.

Simple pleasures, thanks to the pandemic

The pandemic has caused a havoc for all of us, with the change in work-life style, for parents with kids, it's an even greater challenge. But the one thing I've enjoyed during this time is the simple pleasure of being able to play a game with my kids without feeling guilty about it. After all they ( the kids ), during this time of isolation, need us just as much as we need them. Another simple pleasure is to have the kids come over and give you a hug, right after you get off a conference call, which you wouldn't have been able to do in the office. Enjoy it, cherish it, while it lasts. I will.

Starting the day with a 12km ride

It is a great feeling to begin the day by accomplishing something, no matter how small or big. What the pandemic has taught me, is to become even more serious in taking care of my body and mental health. With that goal in mind, this morning me (and Kris) finished our usual 12k ride a record 40 minutes, compared to our usual 45 minutes. There is a down / up-hill on the way back, which normally would knock the wind out of me, but this time around it was a breeze to get up. Here's to small daily successes, which come after weeks of practice.

Lake Ontario in Oakville

Today was a really hot day, but being by the calm waters of Lake Ontario (in Oakville) was pleasant and relaxing. While both of my kids were too busy searching for perfectly round shaped rocks, this colorful boat caught my eye. The sounds of the small waves hitting the boat, a relatively cool breeze hitting your body, while you are relaxing in the boat, must be nice. Eventually, the boat disappeared towards the far west, my kids ended up finding a perfectly round stone (which they designed to bring back home - likely weighs about 5lbs), and back home we went to cool off in the manufactured air. 

Starting over...

Over the last few years, I've tried my level best to become regular at writing. But have also found myself not setting aside time to do it, or use "life" and "work" as excuses. The last few months, with the lockdown in place, and a lot more time to think, I've decided to start all over again. Sometimes a restart is all that is required to establish new routines. Here is to a new start.