Back to school is almost here...

In spite of all the social distancing and limiting human contact, to avoid the spread of the pandemic, there is one element of this pandemic that I am thankful about. And that is the enormous amount of quality time (even in small micro-moments), which we were able to spend with our children. 

As a father, who did not take the opportunity to take paternity leave which was available through my employer at the time, I always felt that I should've taken it when I had the chance. However, the pandemic gave me that opportunity, which I am grateful and thankful to have.

During this time, we (all four of us!) got to spend a lot of time entertaining our kids, and being entertained by them. We explored new board games, learned to build circuits, do small projects around the house together and spend quality time, together, as a family!

Soon they will be headed back to school, in a very different environment, and they will need the support structure at home to help them cope with changes they will experience in their learning systems. I believe that kids are more resilient than us adults at coping with change. However, it is important that they have a solid support structure (just like us adults need to) at home, that enables them to come home to seek help, guidance and a place of comfort.


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