Morning starts are best when paired with...

This pandemic is here to stay, for a while. For as long as it is here, there are a lot of lessons and learning which we can take away from it. Being prepared as a society, nation and economy, to being prepared physically, mentally and emotionally as individuals, to muster up the necessary strength to push through each day; Support our family, loved one's and friends. And to play our part in insuring that we are not passing the contagion along to others.

I have to admit that the past few months have been a bit of a challenge. Who am I kidding, they aren't a challenge, they've been the toughest to endure. The months of March and April, were the easing in phase of the pandemic. May and June, for me were the toughest. It was not until July and now August, that I have come to adjust to this situation.

The biggest adjustment that I've had to make is to give myself permission to start the day with the two most important things. First, is being grateful to have a great wife, and two really amazing kids. A wife who is understanding and nurturing, and someone who I can rely on during the toughest of the times (months of May and June). And two kids, who are doing the best they can, with what they know, on how to cope with the isolation, while practicing distancing with other family members and friends. The second, thing I am grateful for is a morning start that includes 10K+ bike rides, a cup of coffee and a good book to start off the day right.


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