Ontario's beautiful wine country

The year 2020 marks our 10-year wedding anniversary. Like all of you, we had great plans for this summer to celebrate this milestone in a memorable way. That plan changed and was postponed. Instead, we decided to venture out on a mini-vacation of ours in the beautiful Niagara Wine Country, to spend a few days away from kids, work and generally any grown-up responsibility.
Keeping physical distancing and recommended precautions in mind, the six of us ventured out with a set itinerary which took us on a self-guided bike tour of three wineries (Marynissen, Lailey and ReviewView), a picnic lunch of our own at one of the wineries, mixed with some quality time with friends who have been our small close group that have maintained isolation during this pandemic.

The bike's we rented were provided by Tour de Vine, who have a pre-arranged package that includes bike rentals and the wine tasting costs and reservations at each of the three wineries. Out of the three wineries, both Marynissen and RiverView, were the two we enjoyed the most. The wine's were excellent, however the service at these two wineries was quite pleasant and memorable.

Sadly, the trip came to an end with us spending the next day walking through the Niagara On The Lake strip. We asked ourselves why in the 10 years, we've never done this, and we could not come up with a reason. Although the pandemic has changed a lot of plans, we are quite happy and grateful that we got a chance to enjoy this beautiful experience, that is so close to home.

We look forward to taking the kids along with us next time, so they too can appreciate the beautiful wine country of Ontario!


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