A Canadian, who immigrated from India in 1993, to this great country. I've always loved technology, specifically computers and software, and problem solving.
On a professional note, I enjoy cultivating relationships and enjoy leading cross-functional software delivery teams to build new and delightful experiences with a focus to please and excite the end-customer.
On a side note, I've become more dedicated to learning Digital Photography and Woodworking as new found interests, and would love the opportunity to collaborate with others who have an interest in them.
On a personal note, I am always up for a game of tennis, it is the one and only sport that keeps me grounded, and I can play until fatigue sets in. As of recent, my eldest son has sparked in me an interest in golf, with weekly visits to the driving range with him, that I look forward to each week.
At home, I am supported by a intelligent and ambitious spouse, and two very loving kids.


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